By Chafera McMillian

marriam chafera unicorn single

YES, I'm SINGLE! And it is definitely by choice. I have been single for three years. It's been the most freeing experience because I was in an extremely long relationship since I was 19. I needed to take this time to love me again, do me again, and discover myself all over in my journey. In all honestly, since I have been single, I have been glowing up positivity in every way, everyday! God is so awesome!


What I am looking for in Mr. Right:

  • Has a relationship with GOD
  • Puts me 1st...LOL, I'm a little spoiled
  • Tells me and makes me feel loved: affectionate, loving
  • Financially stable
  • Intelligent
  • Has manners
  • Friendly
  • Organized, clean and knows how to dress
  • Helps with household responsibilities
  • Responsible
  • Respectful
  • Handsome
  • Out going
  • Down to earth
  • Loyal, faithful, honest, committed
  • Unselfish: not Ego centered
  • Listens Well
  • Great Intimacy
  • Adds to me
  • Provides Security
  • Loves children
  • Treats me like a queen
  • Knows how to cook
  • Cultured, REAL, Free-spirited-forgiving
  • Has a sense of humor
  • Strong work ethnic
  • Spends Quality Time with me
  • Not controlling or possessive 
  • Has a positive mindset about life & his future
  • Patient
  • Willing to be with me through Good time & Bad times
  • Only has eyes for me
  • Sense of leadership
  • Love for family
  • Chivalrous 


P.S. I am too old for a boyfriend, only interested in a partner


Serious Inquires Only: